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We work with the Private and Public sector to deliver high-end blockchain powered solutions.

In the next few years, Blockchain will dramatically shape the way business, organisations and Government establishments store, share and distribute data.

We're heavily involved in the research, innovation and development of Blockchain powered solutions and are currently working on various International projects including Digital Payments, Asset Management, Distribution of Aid, Legal and Auditing using Smart Contracts and Ledger based technologies within the Blockchain framework.




We design blockchain strategies for establishments and large enterprise



We provide expert consulting on the future of this revolutionary technology


R & D

We allocate a lot of time and resources into research and development



Although in it's infancy, Blockchain technology is growing at a rapid rate and we are about to experience the next leap in Internet technology. The Internet, essentially was designed to being an 'inclusive' and 'decentralised' system and it did do that to some extent, however it had flaws and become open to abuse - this is where the blockchain comes in

Pc era


Personal computers become revolutionary just before the turn of the century and the personal computer was used by consumers in their homes.

Prior to this, computers were mainly used in large enterprise and Government establishments for data processing and data storage

With the evolution of faster processors and sophisticated hardware, there was a time where some PC's were faster than the other computers located in some International Government establishments.

Internet era

1995 - Present

Soon after PC's came into the home, the Internet was born. It was inevitable yet the early version of the Internet was very clunky.

Business and commerce were spending large sums of money in order to embrace this new phenomenon and stay ahead of their competitors.

With the introduction of high speed broadband in the home and office, user interaction with Internet improved and Web 2.0 was announced allowing users to be more dynamic with the information such as blogs, social networking etc.

Mobile era

2005 - Present

Mobile connectivity saw the Internet been taken to a whole new level and allowed for improved communications with parts of the World which had a poor telecommunications infra-structure.

Mobile Commerce (mCommerce) has fast become the fastest growing trends in online shopping as the introduction of financial apps and mobile friendly websites has allowed for millions of people around the World to buy, sell and transact using their handheld device.

Blockchain era

2015 - Future

The Blockchain is the next stage of the Internet. We're experiencin a cosmic shift in the need for trust and transparency between users, organisations, business and even countries.

The Blockchain allows transactions, records, data to be secured using the highest level of cryptography on a decentralised framework. In short, this means peer-to-peer sharing and transferring of data, assets and records on an advanced technology base without the risk of corruption or abuse.

This is exactly why large business and Governments are investing their resources to understanding the endless possibilities of Blockchain technology.



Stark Technologies are committed to the support and growth of your organisation and that's why we offer expert consulting to business and organisations who are looking to learn more about how Blockchain technologies works. We offer one-to-one and team consulting. Please contact us below if you'd like more information.

Government & public sector

Being a UK based company, our primary focus is to help and improve the efficiency and productivity within the UK Government and it's associated organisations.

We have written several white papers for various sectors and have some insights into how Blockchain technology can improve internal and external communication, data sharing whilst providing transparency, security and saving public funds.

Please contact us if you have a project in mind.

Legal & Regulatory

Smart Contracts and Ledger based technology are fast becoming leading applications on the Blockchain.

This is particularly suited for Legal (both Private & Public), Auditing, Asset Management, for example the transfer of Property between one owner to another.

We are currently working on various strategies that can help Legal and Regulatory organisations who are looking to promote internal and expernal transparency and most importantly avoid abuse or corruption.

There are several other use cases that could benefit from having Smart Contract and Ledger based technology, including International Driving authorities, Immigration organisations and Embassy's.


The Health sector is another area where we see the Blockchain making huge strides. Now, more than ever, with strong public opinion, organisations such as the NHS or other public and private healthcare providers can truly embrace Blockchain technology in order to provide an efficient, accountable and cost saving healthcare service.

Eventually, the identity along with health records belonging to any one person, will be safely stored on a blockchain application and any organisation with permissioned access will be able to view the personal data.

This is particularly helpful if you're in the medical profession and need to access this data quickly.

Contact us if you have a specific need and let's discuss the possibilities.

GDPR & Privacy

25th May 2018 saw the introduction and enforcement of the new GDPR laws in and throughout Europe.

What many businesses don't realise is that 'updating' a single Privacy policy page on your website does not make you GDPR compliant. At Stark Technologies, we have expert knowledge and can provide online learning tools for valuation and ensuring your business is GDPR compliant

Our product includes, Privacy Expert, Privacy e-Learning, Privacy Evaluation and Privacy Records

If you are looking for an affordable solution to ensuring your business is GDPR Compliant, contact us using the form below.


Research & Innovation Laboratory

Based in London's latest technology hub, we spend a fair amount of time researching, writing and setting new trends within the Blockchain World. You're than welcome to book a visit and have a walk around the Press Centre, located in London's Olympic Park

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